Get to know us

Since 1985, the EDER story


Our story began back in 1985 when Eduardo and Ermitas opened EDER, a small burger joint in the neighborhood of Ultramar in Ferrol.

For many years, we have been serving delicious hamburgers until today!

However, in 2008, EDER underwent a metamorphosis, staying true to our roots but aligning with the contemporary lifestyles.

We had to adapt to the new generations, expanding our kitchen hours to accommodate their leisure rhythms, diverse clientele, and even their limited time for cooking.

In 2010, California’s EDER arrived in Narón, marking a significant change. It became an EDER space for our customers, where we could share our love for nature, surfing, and skateboarding.

We expanded our menu and committed ourselves to constantly sourcing high-quality ingredients while embracing sustainability.

In 2015, Memories EDER was born, designed as a tranquil and luminous space that, while respecting our identity, created an environment of cherished memories.

How time flies! Nowadays, those kids from before come with their friends and even with their little ones!

We continue...

Improving and innovating without losing our essence or the artisanal process.

Offering an agile and versatile food service, committed to exploring new culinary processes and techniques that are more respectful towards food and feature high-nutritional-value ingredients.

Hence our commitment in 2023 to an I+D space for improvement and innovation.

A space where the protagonist is a large kitchen that will allow us to continue exploring flavors, creating new concepts, and implementing them across all Eder kitchens.

A space designed for our customers as well, in a new environment where they can find a more dynamic and personalized service.